Westview Cemetery

Colquitt County was formed in 1856 from portions of Thomas and Lowndes counties. The county set, originally called Ochlocknee, was named Moultrie in 1859.

As early as the 1850's it was the custom in Moultrie to take deceased loved ones to the western edge of town for burial. Often the family put a fence around the plot to keep animals away. A public cemetery, called Moultrie Cemetery, was established at this location, and lots were sold. The price of a large lot was five dollars. Sales were handled by local funeral homes.

In 1894, Cemetery Street was opened from the town of Moultrie to the Moultrie Cemetery. The street was lined with thick pines and was one of the most beautiful streets in the city. A horse-drawn hearse followed by family and friends riding in buggies, wagons, on horseback and on foot formed the funeral processions.

In 1942, the name of the cemetery was changed to Westview, and the sale of lots was entrusted to the City of Moultrie. The city became custodian of the official books showing the history of lot sales and since that time has maintained Westview Cemetery.


This free audio tour of Moultrie's historic Westview Cemetery brings history to life in exciting fashion. As you drive or stroll though the graveyard, you'll hear the fascinating tales of:

  • The Yankee who fought for the South.
  • The man whose daughter ran away with the traveling salesman.
  • The body that was lost for 62 years.
  • The fellow buried next to his dog.
  • The doctor who gunned down the mayor's son.

It takes less than an hour to enjoy this high quality tour, which was produced by New York studio professionals with dramatic music and sound effects. Simply download and print the map, then download the .mp3 audio file, which you can transfer onto your iPod or burn onto a CD and play in your car or portable CD player. If you prefer, you can borrow a CD and map from the Moultrie Colquitt County Library or Moultrie Chamber of Commerce, or purchase a set for a modest price.

The free tour was made possible by the Morning Glory Garden Club, which invites you to make a donation to help preserve and beautify this historic site.

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